Thursday is the new Friday

Thursday is the new Friday, especially when tomorrow is Good Friday. Good name Good Friday. Whoever came up with it did a good job. An enduring brand.

Thursday is also the new Friday if your weekend starts on a Thursday. Always assuming that people celebrate Fridays as the end of their working week. Never done that myself, at least not for years.

Good Friday is not a good day to travel. Nor is the Thursday before Good Friday. Unless you consider long traffic jams and queues at airports to be a good thing which I don’t. 

A few years ago I had the idea of consolidating a year’s worth of BBC radio travel alerts to text so that all roads mentioned in the year were covered. It would show a gridlocked nation. Would have been a great piece for philosopherontap.

Didn’t happen because I couldn’t be bothered to listen to and transcribe every bulletin and didn’t come up with an automated process to do the job. I would also have had to listen to Radio 2 every afternoon which wouldn’t have worked. The project is not dead, just delayed, in keeping with the folk sat in traffic jams.

We are staying put for Easter although we might head to the coast or somewhere on Sunday. Take a nice picnic. The picnic will inevitably be eaten in the car, washed down with a flask of tea as many places will still be shut and the weather will be inclement, as the Brits like to put it.

Sitting eating a picnic in the car with food items spread out on the dashboard is a very traditional thing to do. Ideally with the rain lashing down on the windscreen or a freezing wind blasting in from the North Sea. This is after a brief five minute walk on the beach spent mostly bent over holding the hood of your coat down over your face and quickly coming to a mutual decision to return to the car.

Will have to give some consideration to our destination this Sunday. Haven’t been to the Grimsby Fishing Heritage Museum for years. That could work, although Grimsby is a bit grim, knowworramean.

Any ideas/suggestions for a day out (afternoon more likely) within striking distance of Lincoln on Sunday will be considered. In the meantime I’m off to make the tea.

The sun has emerged from behind a cloud that had held much water which this morning was emptied on the good burghers of Lincoln. There is now optimism in the air that the lawn may this afternoon be the subject of scarification and aeration. If the lawn isn’t dry enough then it will get done over the weekend, definitely 😉 You already know that we are at home for the Passover feast, mostly.

The burghers themselves will also have emerged, from their refuges where they will have rushed to take shelter at the time of the deluge. Those caught out in the open will themselves now be drying off in the sun in the manner, no doubt, of spread-wing cormorants at the seashore. Soak up that sunshine!

Silence now reigns in the shed.

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