Quite tired this evening having swum for over forty minutes this afternoon. There were only three of us in the lane. I was a little concerned that the other two were a couple of gossiping ladies and would get in the way. However they were faster than me despite their chattering and overtook me at least three times. In fairness to them their overtaking took the form of turning around after catching me up so I was left to steadily plough the lane in my usual rhythmic manner. Actually not sure about the rhythmic bit 🙂

I have been banished to the shed to watch football. The Head Gardener is watching some interior design prog followed by Marseterchef. She doesn’t like me being there when that programme is on as I make derogatory comments about Greg Wallace and laugh at things that aren’t supposed to be funny. Usually when Greg says something. Ah well. This not fair really as lots of people really like Marseterchef.

I am for the moment stranded due to a heavy April shower. Seasonal innit. There is an umbrella to hand but prefer the notion of being unable to escape as long there is an adequate supply of cold drinks in the fridge. You could almost imagine the rain being so bad that the back garden floods and the shed becomes an island. I definitely don’t have enough supplies for that eventuality. 

There would always be Deliveroo or simlar I guess. I think I did use them once during one of the lockdowns but can’t remember what I ordered and it certainly would not have been to the shed. It hasn’t come to that anyway.

The team colours in this game are red and pale blue. Almost the classic combination as represented by my Subbuteo set when I were a lad although the blue could be a little darker. The football is livening up. The home team has scored. Chucking it down at the ground as well. Perhaps they should move inside and challenge themselves to table football.

It’s half time. Some of the ads are v irritating, especially the EE/BT broadband one which seem to suggest that other ISPs provide crappy service and you should move to them. I moved from BT because my notionally 80Mbs FTTC only gave me 15Mbps. Virgin provided a by and large steady 200 Mbps instead and now AAISP do me a gig symmetrical. 

I’ve just realised the reason I normally mute the ads is because they are irritating and repetitive. Sorted. I’ve also muted the half time commentary because that too is boring. Boooring I meant to say 🙂 Yawn. Told you I was tired.

The teams have swapped sides and are starting the second half. I’m not a believer in letting them leave the pitch at half time. They should stand outside with their orange segments and then quickly get on with the game. I realise that isn’t how it works but that’s what I think. Wouldn’t have time for the ads then. 

Ok neither would I have time to queue up for a cup of tea and a wagon wheel but I’d accept that. Not even sure they still do Wagon Wheels. Do they? Certainly don’t have any in the shed and I’m tea’d out for the day.

I think I’ll find a book…

By Trefor Davies

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