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Years ago when I worked for Mitel I needed to meet someone who had flown over from Canada. I lived in Lincoln and the only time we could meet was when he was travelling from the Mitel office in Caldicott to Glasgow or similar. We chose a mid point ish which happened to be the Lake District and I managed to get a great deal on a super hotel on the shores of Lake Windermere. It was something daft like bed breakfast and evening meal with a room that had a 4 poster bed and jacuzzi for around £65.

I arrived early and the room lived up to its promise and time was spent sat in the jacuzzi looking out over Windermere. As the sun set the mists rolled in over the water engulfing the jetty at the front of the hotel and gradually swallowing up the boats at anchor. Very atmospheric.

When I met the two others in the dining room we were in for a real surprise. The whole conservatory was decked out with red heart shaped balloons and other romane paraphernalia geared at lurve. Of course it was Valentine’s Day! We hadn’t clocked this. At home with four young kids cluttering up our lives this has never been given any thought.

That evening we felt like real prunes being three blokes surrounded by young couples with eyes only for their partners. Hey ho.

Today, all kids having abandoned the nest, my Valentine and I are off for a walk across the ice fields of Lincolnshire. When we get back I will launch into the preparation of mutton pepper fry and other delectable recipes from the Dishoom cookbook. I began the preparation yesterday and the lamb, not mutton, has been marinating overnight in the fridge. I will somehow need to fit in watching the Irish beat la France in the 6 nations.

Now I am relaxing with a cup of Union cawfee whilst listening to Classic FM on the sonos in the front room and stroking my new facial growth. I can see why people do it 🙂

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By Trefor Davies

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