We have regained our house

It is a beautiful sunny day but the summer may be said to be officially over as John our fourth offspring has been despatched to the first term of his second year at Birmingham University.  I dropped him off at Lincoln railway station with only a Tenor Sax, a North Face duffel bag (mine!) and a leather satchel procured during our recent trip to Donegal. He has already delivered the rest of his kit to his room in Brum.

On the sibling front Hannah is in Germany assisting with Colt’s Munich to Vienna charity bike ride, Joe is also in Birmingham running a gig and Tom, one assumes, is in London, likely enjoying the hot tub he has on the roof of his new flat. All is good.

Anne and I have regained our house and we are back into planning meals for two with suitably sized joints of meat, and pared down vegetable offerings such as the single leek I bought this afternoon for tomorrow’s stew. This is all good stuff.

Anne has gone to the football leaving me the run of the house and the responsibility of preparing tonight’s tea which is venison steaks in blackberry sauce with a suitable vegetable accompaniment. Won’t take long. 

It’s going to be a quiet night following a busy ending to the working week that included a trip to York for the Lonap board meeting.

I have a book to read – History of the Irish Civil War 1919 – 1922 or simlar. Can’t remember exactly. It’s upstairs.

Outside there is a fair breeze. Returning from dropping John off there was also a long tailback of cars being held at the traffic lights down our road. On occasions like this I delight in overtaking on the wrong side of the road and pulling in to our drive. As long as there are no cars coming in the opposite direction obvs 🙂

The house is quiet…

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