wearing my old specs

Currently wearing my old specs. This is because I left the shed yesterday wearing my reading specs and couldn’t be arsed to go back and swap them. Had an offer of a lift off THG so time was of the essence. Instead I keep my old Oakleys in the kitchen for when I go swimming and wore them to meet the boys in the Strugglers. 

Excellent pint of Landlord in the Strugs. Unfortunately it ran out and we had “Evolve” for the last pint which clashed a bit with the taste of the Landlord. First world problems. THG also gave me a lift back. What’s not to like? And she cooked a curry!!

Although today is a Saturday I have some work to do. This afternoon I am headed to Hull to catch the Rotterdam ferry and have a few bits and bobs of prep left. Looking forward to my sea journey. Seemed to be less of a faff than the train which involves LNER, Eurostar and a local Belgian service with connection time in between. 

The boat is an hour or so drive from Lincoln, a sleep and then ninety minutes at the other end. There is also the bracing sea air to look forward to 🙂 Plus the onboard brasserie though I can’t imagine the nosh is anything special. 

THG was coming with me on the boat but instead has elected to go by Eurostar with Tom so that she can go to Olivia Ford’s book launch in Lincoln on Sunday. I’ve used up all my Eurostar points on the two of them for this trip. That’s what they are for. Tom and Hannah are speaking at the same conference. I wonder who arranged that? 🤔They are good 🙂

So now I’m just sat in the kitchen waiting for the right moment to stick the bacon on. There is no science to choosing the right moment. This being a weekend there is no urgency involved. There are no sausages this morning but bacon, egg, mushrooms and tomaytoes will be fine. Accompanied by some sourdough toast and a pot of char.

Got home from the pub last night to some good news. They have fixed our solar powered irrigation unit. I sent it off for repair on Thursday and it’s already been sorted. Result. Thirty quid! A new unit would have been ninety five.

This is important as we will be off to the Isle of Man at the end of the month and need a working irrigation system in the greenhouse. Don’t want the precious tomato crop shrivelling from thirst do we? It is quite satisfying to hear the irrigation pump kick in every now and again. With the doors of the shed wide open in the summer I hear it starting up.

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