Out of the shadows

We fear the shadows,
not for what lurks there
but for what we might do
if we wore that cloak.

The chilling Vaudeville mask,
fixed in constant mockery,
gives echo to our own hollow laughter,
gives mirror to our cynical …

Be Bold: [rhetoric, for a friend]

Be Bold:
the World is hungry for you
and those ideas will
eat you up inside

Take Heart:
you may have planted
a thousand unfruitful seed
yet one will be plenty,
should it grow,
and it will grow, mightily,…

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In the debris of tomorrow

In the debris of tomorrow
i will find you
and lift you from the dust

In the debris of tomorrow
i will gather gems you lost
and take them with us

In the debris of tomorrow
we will learn our

Off the wall

Cheesewire cuts the souls beneath my feet.
Frowning down at
Emotional account – is overdrawn.
Planning permission required
From grass-roots up;
The sky’s the limit.
Only 20 pounds and this
Is what I bought.
A drought,
A hunger –…

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The Joke of the Dead Man Walking

Ridicule is most painful when

The joker and the joke are

One and the same.

Confessing a weakness

In every action:

This terrible self-parody,

An unintended act

By a clown who cannot cry.

Intaken air sometimes brings

The world in …