May you rot in hell

May you rot in hell

Fuck you bastards

Constant media coverage gets tedious

I need to immerse myself in something that is nothing to do with brexshit

Categorised as opinion

But is it art?

Giles was keen to know, and the rest of us certainly were interested…

Do we know what’s going on here?

Someone else had spotted it, but kindly remarked

I know, I saw that. I think that was the pressure jet,

Tango Romeo Echo Foxtrot.

Tango Romeo Echo Foxtrot.  That’s my handle, my call sign, the way I like to be recognised. I answer to it, everywhere I go, at home, in the street and in the farthest reaches of your imagination. It wouldn’t work …

“Big June is Awesome”

I don’t know big June but she is awesome, I’m told. The imagination runs wild.

Who is this woman?
Was she born in June?
Why is she “big”?
Is she fat?
Does she have a big heart?
Is she tall?…

Richard Dawkins and the Cancer of Creationism

A Christian’s critic’s critic writes:
For the most part, Richard Dawkin’s “The Greatest Show on Earth” is a beautifully written and well argued piece of work. In it he puts forward many convincing data and explanations which demonstrate categorically that …