“Big June is Awesome”

I don’t know big June but she is awesome, I’m told. The imagination runs wild.

Who is this woman?
Was she born in June?
Why is she “big”?
Is she fat?
Does she have a big heart?
Is she tall?
Is it that her stature in the community has earned her the name?
She must be a helluva woman!

Presumably June is a woman and not just a reference to June as a large month which I don’t think is true?

I’ve had this piece in my philosopherontap folder for years and not done anything with it. It is time Big June was aired. June where are you? What are you doing on this Saturday night in February?

“Big June is Awesome” was the Facebook status of someone I knew at university. It was some years ago. I know no more.

Big June we love ya 🙂