The Football Match


The game kicks off
I’m playing in defence
they have the ball and
they come running at me
I hear their supporters shouting and
my coach shouting at me and
I safely make a tackle and
I smack it to the forwards and
they are on the break
they do a 1-2 and shoot and score
its Welton 1-Moorlands 0 !



Yesterday was St David’s day

Yesterday was St David’s day. It has no real significance outside of Wales other than, as a Welshman, I know it is synonymous with daffodils. This year has been different because of the dearth of these yellow blooms on view.

I’m not saying that everyone in Lincoln goes around wearing ‘daffs’ on March 1st but they have usually hit the hedgerows by now. As of today they have yet to flower.

An observation would be that they are late due to an unusually hard winter. One more akin to the way winters used to be. However one might ask why they have traditionally been worn on March 1st if winters of old were harsh and daffodils late flowering.

I don’t have the answer and am not really inclined to dig deeper.


Life is short

“Sometimes you just got to eat desert first.”

Jeff Pulver, 28/1/09 though it may well not be original.



I’m just going home to do some painting so that I can watch the paint dry. It is more interesting than the England v Italy 6 Nations Rugby International I have been watching!

Thanks to Huw for this idea.

the art gallery

The Cuddle

A couple float horizontally in mid air. His right arm is around her shoulders, holding her close. Her right leg is over his and her right arm is spread over his chest. A state of bliss.


Co-operative Funeralcare

Just watching the bowls on the telly before the Wales v Australia rugby match and note that the tournament is sponsored by Cooperative Funeralcare. Brilliantly blatant.

It’s basically telling its Saga membership viewers that they think there is a good probability that they are about to pop their corks quite soon and they’d like their cash thank you very much.

Do I book that holiday in Eastbourne or keep the cash for the funeral instead? Pass the gin Dora!


They are all in there watching the TV!

What do you do when yours is a lone voice in the wilderness?  When the rest of the family is in the other room watching the TV. When the kitchen seems a lonely place!

It’s a bit of an oasis, the kitchen. The desert is the hall and the room with the TV. I hesitate to call it the TV room. That would be surrender.  A cop out.  An acceptance that we have in the house an altar dedicated to mammon!

The noise of the fridge seems a lot more real than the distant sound of artificial applause on the TV.  In it everything is cool, unlike on the TV.

The house is noisy. I never hear the traffic on the road outside. Anne does but I don’t, and it is nothing to do with advancing age. Out the back I see the effect of the wind, blowing the leaves off the trees, and the noise of the rain falling on the conservatory roof. Loud but acceptable.

Not as intrusive as the TV.

With each additional child the noise levels in the house doubles. Now at 4 kids the noise has reached a certain high level of intensity.

The noise has died down. They must be watching a documentary! They are all in there watching the tv!


The Model Of A Human Life

The ultimate work of art, a model reproduction of an entire life. You can rewind or fast forward to any stage from birth to death. You can see what is going on in the mind and experience all the phases of this person’s life.

It’s a very long term project!


When Clocks Go Back – The Non Lie-In

This clocks going back business is all very well but the artificial lie-in is just that. You lie in bed in the dark having woken up at your normal time, which is of course now an hour earlier than your normal time.


I can’t really drop back off to sleep so I lie there, wondering whether Anne is awake. I want to do something. Read a book or turn on the wireless set maybe. She gets annoyed if I talk to her because she believes that the extra hour is a real boon and should be taken advantage of. I don’t know if she is asleep or not.


There is a god-like element to the clocks being turned back. It feels as if we are controlling time. Life is a big illusion.



It’s beautiful sitting here in the car by the lake. There are five kayaks on the water, including Joe’s. It’s peaceful even though you can hear the traffic on the bypass.

The traffic is mostly hidden by the trees and bushes surrounding the lake. These are magnificently colourful at this time of year. It’s almost as if they were planted with autumn in mind.

It’s quite calming watching Joe. The pace of the kayak contrasts with that of the cars on the road. The two modes of transport represent different ages.

This also feels like a reflection of my week. Weekdays are a blur and the weekends need to provide a relaxing contrast. Unfortunately weekends also seem to go by in a blur.

The temperature is very pleasant. Even though it is warm I will light the fire this evening. The typical scenario is me sitting by the fire on my own reading or on the laptop whilst the others sit in front of the TV in another room. Yet another contrast.

We often hanker after the good old days. What we actually want are the benefits of modern society without the downsides.




by John


Choir by conference call

Anyone wanting to participate in a choir could ring in to a conference bridge and participate in the session remotely.


The Virtual Rock Concert

How about we create virtual rock concert venues where we get everyone a seat. The early bird get the lower seat numbers. there could be incentives for early birds eg free cd’s, t shirts.

The venues don’t have to be virtual. This could be something we offer concert promoters as an added value and a means of creating additional revenues from concerts.

Attendees could log on and check venue details, concert information, ticket delivery information, buy merchandise in advance, book parking facilities etc

the art gallery

The Readers

One person sits on a stool reading a book. The location is somewhere public where people can come and watch.

The work has a finite length – it is the time that it takes the person to finish the book. 

The activity can be repeated as many times as desired either using the same person and book or different people/books etc.

The work can then be extended to having two persons reading. This could offer a contrast such as for example a university professor reading one book and a barmaid reading another. When they have finished they could swap books and start again.

This could be a display in a bookshop.

the art gallery

The Candle

The candle sits there surrounded by darkness. It is stood on a glass plate inscribed with the date and location. When it has burnt out the melted was covers much of the glass and this is then mounted for future viewing.