Westgate Stores

the Burton Road Strip

Can we stop off
On the way home
From school for sweets?

We can stop off
On the way
To the pub for fags!

(If takeaways aren’t on
Tonight’s menu)

Load up on the way home…


If you feel Lucky,
Head down the strip
For some mainstream chow,
Mein on the menu,
Though not by chance
Is this a numbers game,
But you don’t have to gamble
Whilst old favourites are there,
And hunger is the …

No 10

Number 10,
Few crumbs
Of bodily comforts
Though the starving soul
May seek solace
These whitewashed walls.

Food for the brain,
Food for thought
& food accepted gratefully.



photo by Andy Benn

Ploughboy, public house, for the consumption of beer, in public, also available for private parties such as christenings, weddings and eventually funerals, care for cribbage, do you do dominos, fill up, filip, darts, dunno, purity of heart, service at the …