All is calm in the land of giants,
On a rare windless day,
Water the only sound,
Life has stopped.

The sheep, still in the roofless cottage,
Belongs there as much as any,
Regular visitor, like us it has not …

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No place to hide

The end of the road is a long long way
and with storm clouds gathering
there is no place to hide,
I think of the friends I have left behind
and wonder what they are doing,
wish they were with …

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Not An Easy Living

It was not an easy living and the kids eventually had to leave home to work over the water. They came back from time to time but then the old man died and there was no longer a reason to …

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South Uist Sunset

I look at this scene and feel calm, the serenity of the South Uist sunset. The derelict building, a black cut out on the darkened promontory, is a focus for the mind on life on the island. Summer now but …

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jura dawn

waters gently lap
whilst the light slowly
grows in intensity,
nature’s perfect alarm clock
a gradual awakening,
reflection on the day ahead,
eastern promise exclaimed
in western islands, perfect

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church spire mull

one casts shadows
the other provides shade
church tower – tree
tree – church tower
rhyme or reason
personal decision

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roll ‘em

roll ‘em
fill ‘em full of whisky and roll ‘em

line ‘em up like gas-bloated porkers
brim with potential and gasping for kicks

release to an audience of nosey savants
significant savour,
bar brawl, shameful mix

full, of anticipation
empty, …

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Have ye heard of the White Stag of Arran ?

I’d taken the opportunity afforded by a flat, roadside patch of gravel to stop and capture the view back down the valley through the black clouds to the sunshine and blue sea in the distance below. I was in a …

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The passing of the passing place

Remote though they are, even the Outer Hebrides are not far enough away to escape the far reaching tentacles of European legislation. It seems the quirky, rhomboid shape of the passing place sign has offended the Keepeurs of the Livre …

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The Passing Place (Noun)


Ubiquitous feature of travel in the Western Isles of Scotland. A transient meeting place of generosity, where people wait for oncoming vehicles to pass, or to allow people uninterested in photo opportunities to overtake. Invariably involves a smile, a wave, …

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The story so far – Cardiff/Islay

Feels like months, but it’s only really been 2 weeks. Five ferry trips and one uninflatable inflatable bed later and I’m in the pretty little village of Port Ellen on the South West part of Islay, with a sun tan …

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