travel winter series

The next adventure

So starts the next phase. The next adventure. Southbound through a freezing cold English countryside to catch the Eurostar to Paris. City of romance. Hannah is about to start a 6 month stint working for Air France at Charles De Gaulle Airport and she needs to find accommodation.
Dozens of castles are for sale in Italy, apparently.
Seemingly random words and phrases on a journey
The fields en route to the coast are bereft of animals. There is very little grass for them to eat.
going underground
rresurface into grrey frrench febrruary
it’s a month with not much going for it. batten down those hatches. shove another chair leg on the fire, Doreen.
winter has beauty only when it is at its harshest
winter has beauty only at its harshest
winter, harsh beauty
gap in cloud cover above
blue sky
mistletoe visible through barren branches
passed a war cemetery with perhaps 40 or 50 gravestones

By Trefor Davies

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