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I was stimulated to get out of bed this morning by the start of the Sunday Service. I never listen to this programme but I do occasionally leave it on for it’s soporific qualities. Unfortunately this morning, I was informed, was a happy clappy edition. Enthusiastic singing of modern hymns that will almost certainly not stand the test of time is not in my mind a recipe for easing gently into the day so I arose.

The coffee is on the go and Anne is making banana pancakes. Outside there is bright sunshine and I’m told that the robin is stuffing himself on mealworms from the sunflower feeder. All is good. 

The scene in the kitchen is one of domestic bliss. The byword is harmony. I have had to switch the wireless over to Classic FM because the discussion on Radio 4 had turned to the troubles of the Royal Family. This is of no interest. Classic FM offers the relaxing background music necessary for a day of rest.

Having said that the first meeting of the day is at 10am. Festival board meeting. All good. Beforehand I will have time to apply the third coat of woodworm treatment to the hanging down tennis racket n stuff holder I mentioned yesterday.

A glorious spring day out. One of those joy to be alive jobs. As I was applying the last drop of wood treatment I heard the cathedral bells chime. Thinking I was going to be late I quickly washed the paintbrush and plastic receptacle and went into the kitchen to stick the kettle on. No problemo. Turns out I had another ten minutes. What I was hearing was not the top of the hour time check but the call to the regular collection plate faithful for donations to the dean’s holiday fund. (Only joking deano).

Anne and I did our now customary Sunday afternoon walk.  Down past Bunkers Hill to the bypass and around the new bit to the next junction and back home along Greetwell Road past the prison and hospital. Annoyingly my fitbit ran out of juice so stopped recording the route which I like to do. Normally I can resort to my google maps timeline when this happens but that didn’t work either. I suspect because the bypass is too new to have been properly recorded in Google’s system. Anyway we did 4 miles. Wanting to build this up now so that when we head to Keld in May I’ll have at least a basic level of walking fitness to enjoy the countryside. Covid Lockdowns have played havoc with this.

After Keld we are hoping to spend the Bank Holiday weekend in Caernarfon but that is contingent on the availability of accommodation. The Black Boy isn’t open yet and the Welsh government has not published their outline plan for easing lockdown.

Also booked a whole family short break in September. Took me a few goes not to get anywhere on the Hilton website so I called them. Turned out there was only one room left on the deal that was on offer and I needed four. Bit annoying because the site just kept saying “this package no longer available” or similar. Didn’t tell me it was only available for two rooms. Ended up getting two rooms with “the deal” including one “accessible”  job and two at a slightly higher rate. Be nice to have a family reunion with partners. Also having one in London in July but the more the merrier.

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