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Sat in another team meeting in listening mode. Means I can do other stuff that doesn’t involve me speaking. Tbh I am starting to lose patience with these talking shops. Too many people with too many opinions that we all have to listen to. They should just listen to me and get on with it 🙂

Outside it is yet again a sunny day driven by a high pressure weather system parked near the UK but the wind remains from the east and it is thus cold, especially out of the sun.

Campervan Bertie returned safely yesterday and a good time was had on the golf course. I had a v puer front nine but a not bad back nine. I’ve started playing with just two clubs and a putter. I bought a new Ping gap wedge and a second hand 6 iron from American Golf and am determined to get good with just those two clubs and then buy a new set of Ping irons. My other clubs are around 40 years old and I sense it is time they were retired. Taking a while but I’m sure I’ll get back into the swing of it. 

Dropped off some leek seedlings and tomato plants for Steve Rowland at his shop, The Artisan Maker, in the Bail. The Bail was rammed. Beautiful sunny afternoon. Lots of drinkers sat outside the Lion and Snake and the Prince of Wales. They will all conk out by tea time. Taking the moral high ground we are off for a swim. Booked in for 2.30. Early doors later in the Star.

Campervan Betty was returned with rave reviews. Called the hirer who had only good to say and was also happy to send a photo.

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