Dear Rhod


30th November 2002.

Dear Rhod,


Happy birthday old boy.  Somehow though “Oh no five oh!” doesn’t sound as bad as “Oh no four oh!”.  Perhaps it’s because when you hit forty you are finally leaving youth behind.  Being in your thirties is only one step away from being twenty nine so forty is really a watershed.


So what about fifty then?  Does it feel as if it is the slippery slope to old age?  Have you started to think of retirement?  You could do quite legitimately now you know?  Will your cricketing be creakier?  Will bowling be a more sedate underarm “end” or two?  At least they wear whites for both types of bowling.


There are likely to be financial benefits.  You may become eligible to go on SAGA holidays.  It would be worth checking out wouldn’t it? Of course taking the kids along might prove to be a problem but what the heck.  Also I’m sure some insurances might be cheaper because you are officially recognised to have arrived a sensible and low risk age.  Medical insurance will probably go up but being in the trade I’m sure you don’t need to bother.  There will always be a mate somewhere who’ll fix you up with a hip replacement,  set of teeth or zimmer frame.


Did you realise that you can now buy all those labour saving gardening tools that stop you having to bend down.  No-one will laugh at you for buying that long handled weeding tool.  In fact you will probably get a rush of attractive young shop assistants eager to help you out and maybe even carry things to the car for you. (hmm – in B&Q, perhaps not).


At fifty is is also quite possible to be seen as a patriarchal figure.  In your forties you are too young.  This is impressive Rhod.  The rock around which the community is built.  Wragby will have a very strong pull knowing as you do that that township needs your steady hand and guiding influence. We are not just talking medical matters here.  The colour scheme for the new village hall. The siting of the next park bench.  It must be hugely satisfying to be in a position that allows you to have so much influence to the good.  It fits in very well with your vocation. Respect.


I only hope that you will be able to resist the pull and stay with us here in lincoln.  There again the choice is yours and I’m sure that you will do whatever is right.


The next big one will be your sixtieth!  Gosh!!


Best Wishes,


By Trefor Davies

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