may the fourth be with you

Day off today as it is May the fourth. Star Wars Day. May the fourth be with you. It also happens to be the birthday of my chosen life partner, she who must be obeyed, the giant whose shoulders I stand on etc etc.

We have a day out at the coast in mind. It was going to be in Campervan Ruby but the weather is not supportive of that original plan and have opted for the comfort and security of the defender.

Afore we go I have a short jaunt to Waitrose in mind for picnic provisions and we should be off by mid morning. Champagne, caviar, side of smoked salmon, that sort of thing. Bread rolls and some milk 🙂

There is no rush. It is not as if we need to get there early to get a parking space. We are headed to Huttoft. There is a scenario where there will be nobody else there. Just a lone, bored, person in the ice cream kiosk spending their time staring into their phone and barely acknowledging our presence.

This part of Lincolnshire is a path we have not oft trod. I envisage meandering up the coast until we get to Mablethorpe taking in Anderby Creek, Sandilands, Sutton on Sea, Miami Beach (yes) and Trusthorpe.

The biggest decision of the day is where to have fish and chips. The obvious choice is somewhere in Maybo but the timing might point to picking some up from the Carholme Road Chippy when we get home. V shall c.

I will be taking my new camera. Still learning how to use it but should be an expert in a couple of years or so. Hopefully the rain will momentarily stop for me to take some pics. It is lashing down right now accompanied by wind assisted sound effects.

By Trefor Davies

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