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The birdsong started around half an hour later this morning according to my not very scientific reckoning. It isn’t very nice out there so I don’t blame them for wanting to stay in their nests out of the wind. The performance of any outside job today seems highly unlikely.

Today is a bit of a free. A spare. One that can be filled to my liking. “How are you wanting today sir?” “Would you like a jobslist with that?”

On such days good things are often done. There is only so much time you can send sitting around doing nothing. In the end you get up and start doing stuff. I have no idea what this might involve today. I’ve been meaning to re-varnish the kitchen window sill. For years. Perhaps today will be the day. Hmmm.

Under different circumstances we would probably have arranged to see friends today. Boozy lunch maybe, carried on into the early evening. BBQ perhaps. Won’t be long now. We might have gone away somewhere. Braved the bank holiday weekend traffic. Thinking back I’m not sure how often we have actually gone away for Easter in recent memory. The traffic has put us off plus we probably have offspring wanting to come home for the weekend.

It was snowing as I took the tea up this morning. You have to love the British weather.

Watching a historical prog on Trinidad & Tobago – “Tobago 1677”. We are off to Tobago for Shannon and Michaael’s wedding in March 2022 so it is of interest. The documentary is about a naval battle between the French and Dutch navies for the possession of the island. 

My first observation is that we are flying there. Gatwick to Trinidad via Antigua (or St Lucia, I forget) is 11 hours 50 minutes. It seems more appropriate to go by sea. In fact by sailing ship. I’d anticipate this would take more like 3 weeks. This would be more appropriate. No jet lag either.

Noted that this weekend the leaves appeared on the trees on the Lincoln bypass.

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