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In breaking news Yarborough leisure centre has reopened and I was in the pool for shortly after 8.30 this morning for my pre booked lane swim. Around 6 persons per double sized lane so not too bad. Did just over 30 mins of extremely slow breastroke and front crawl mix. Hair now smells of chlorine even though I did wash it afterwards #cantdoathingwithit.

It is a beautiful sunny day although quite cold. There was a slight scattering of snow on the ground this morning and although I was awake from around 5.30 I stayed in bed as it was Anne’s turn to make the tea. She too lay there motionless in the hope that I would get up and make it. Fun and games 🙂

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Sitting in a field high on music. I am wearing only a tee shirt and shorts. It’s a warm evening. Feels as if the whole crowd is doing the same thing. Singing along. Am in between drinks. The last one was over an hour ago and I don’t know when the next one will come.

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