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I was in Sudbrooke the other day. My wife had bought a sofa on eBay from someone who lived there. In fact it wasn’t just a sofa. It was a corner unit plus a 2 seater settee and a pouffe. Never understood the concept of a pouffe but there you go.

We needed a corner unit for our TV room. We got a lot more than I had bargained for but hey…

Now it’s all very well the lovely Anne buying these things but someone has to go and pick them up and you know who is that person. Of course I don’t mind. It’s for the greater good and I have a Jeep which has a big boot especially when you put the seats down so it was natural that I should toodle along to Sudbrooke to hand over the cash and cart the settees home.

Of course when the settees were delivered in the first place they were probably on the back of a lorry. I think the bloke we were buying it off expected us to be turning up at least in a white van. No no no. The jeep will be fine. It did take four trips.

Sudbrooke is just down the road really so that shouldn’t have been a problem on a saturday morning. On this occasion however there must have been an accident at Langworth so the queues of traffic were horrendous. The accident must have just happened when we made the first trip because on that occasion the tailback was just to the Cherry Tree Cafe junction where we were turning off.

The subsequent three trips we went the long way round and came in from the Dunholme direction. It avoided the queuing traffic but took a lot longer. The four trips took up all of Saturday morning. In fact the corner unit, 2 seater and pouffe took up all the tv room and some of the living room because we hadn’t yet disposed of the incumbent furniture.

Anyway that was Sudbrooke. We were happy with the deal. The settees look good in the TV room and there is now room for all six of us to sit in there watching the box.

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By Trefor Davies

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