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Somewhat stiff this pm having been on my feet all day down at the garage sorting out the campervans. Bit of elbow grease innit. Spit and polish. Taking a few pics in readiness for some revamped handbooks. Stuff like that.

Then swung by Waitrose to get some rugby watching supplies. Originally headed for the downtown Tesco which is just around the corner from the van depot and therefore the obvious place to go. However there was a queue. It isn’t really worth queueing to get into the downtown Tesco so I didn’t.

Big rugby day today, the finale at 8pm being France v Wales for the Grand Slam. It’s going to be a long old afternoon as before that game we have Ireland v England at 4.45. The Scots have just beaten the Italians. I’ll be treating meself to a beer shortly. Gorrabedone. Only problem is that the Ireland England game is on ITV. The commentary whilst it’s improved since they started covering rugby is not nearly as good as on the Beeb.

Also treating ourselves to a takeaway curry from the Castle View Indian. Simply the best restaurant in Lincoln of any genre. Gonna be eaten in the shed whilst watching the rugby.

And to finish it must be said that my locks are really starting to flow. Am quite liking the curls. Don’t have any issues with my hair getting in my eyes because it is all swept back. Befitting for a vintage campervan rental business and festival owner. That’s all.

First day of spring btw. Rule your world!

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