Crisis what crisis?

Well there’s the antibiotic crisis, the global banking crisis, the Eurozone crisis, the South American crisis of 2002, the crisis in the theory of dynamical systems, the omg we’ve got no milk crisis, the what am I gonna wear crisis, the hair colouring went wrong crisis, the mid life crisis, the baby sitter can’t come tonight crisis, the almost out of petrol and there’s no garage for miles crisis, crisis at Christmas, the existential crisis, the crisis of confidence, the Syria crisis, the crisis in the kitchen, make up crisis, beard trimmer battery goes flat in middle of trim – stuck on chin hair crisis,

To be continued…

By Trefor Davies

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  1. Don’t forget the Bee Crisis, The Housing Crisis, The Pensions Crisis, The Jobs Crisis, The Obesity Crisis, The Refugee Crisis, The Space Junk Crisis, The Oil Crisis, The NHS Crisis and the Cuban Missile Crisis…. One of those will finish us all off for sure…

  2. These are great crises Rob. This could become a reference point for crises. A crisis directory if you like. The crisis could evolve into it’s own category on this site.

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