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5.20am on a Sunday morning. I am up. No point in lying in bed when you are fully awake. My brain isn’t totally in gear yet. Been checking out reward flights again. This is for our onward journey from Tobago to Miami. Two very contrasting destinations. The flights I am after are with American Airlines who do show availability of reward flights but this availability is not reflected on I figure the colonials hold back a day or three before letting the brits offer the same deals. The one mitigating factor is that if I had to pay for the flights the pricing is not unreasonable.  The AA website is far more responsive than BA btw where the user experience is pretty unsatisfactory.

Yesterday, the first day a flight was made available for when we want to fly the per person cost in J was £1,540 which is totally ridiculous. However today it is down to £245. If you are desperate enough to secure a seat £1,540 is a very expensive price to pay. Still worth getting the reward flight if poss. 4 hour flight so business class makes sense especially as the seats won’t just be normal coach seats with a curtain in between.

On the other hand we are planning a trip to Florence in October. It’s a 2 hour flight and not worth paying extra for business class especially as there is no lounge at LCY. Horses for courses innit.

The Florence trip is because we still have a voucher for the Hotel Grand Cavour where our stay last year was cancelled due to covid. I note that the room prices are currently less than half what we paid way back when. The original trip was just a stop off en route to watch football in Rome but this time we are making Florence a mini break with a 3 nighter. Back in London on the way home we have ticket to see Anything Goes at the Barbican. Assuming the work is open here obvs.

Last time we “did” Florence was also a one nighter and we stayed at the Hilton. This is a modern hotel and not in the city centre. Ok you got the points and a diamond upgrade but you didn’t really get the “Florence experience”. We will this time.

Quite a busy old day of it. did some Anne’s vans stuff this morning (look out for some exciting news next week) and nipped with herself to B&Q for a rare shopping trip together. Pebbles, wood preservative, varnish, plants and a metal plasterers strip. Now watching the League Cup Final.

Grand Cavour booked together with BA flights. Also Conrad MidTown booked in NYC. Close to Central Park. I’m clearly expecting normality to return!

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