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The facial hair went at lunchtime. An interesting experiment and I liked the idea of the hippy look but it really wasn’t me. I particularly didn’t like the tash getting in the way of food and drink and it felt strange when I washed my face. This is not an indictment of anyone else who wants a beard. Just not for me.

None of the family liked it. I guess I have been clean shaven all their lives. Sgone.

The longish hair is still with me. I’m not yet prepared to give up on that notwithstanding the fact that there is nowhere open to get a haircut anyway. The alternative is to buy a shaver and go for a number two or three. A pretty drastic change from the current state of affairs. We are not there yet.

Looking at the Downing Street briefing and captivated by the sign language person. She looks a real character. If it was me I’m sure I’d forget to carry on when a new sentence comes along. She naturally waits until the sentence is well under way to get the context right That said Matt Hancock is a real bullshitter. Lots of politico speak. I have to say sign language is not necessarily intuitive. Can’t say I’d understand her without the accompanying soundtrack.

Today has shot by. I lay awake in bed last night thinking about jobs I needed to get on with, as you do. I’ve breezed through them. I even got an email back from a customer telling me I’d already done the quote back in September! I amaze myself 🙂 Still loads to do but at five thirty I’ve mostly given up for the day.

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