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Another sunny day in the shire and a gentle start at number 118. I quite like the way that weekend days open for business. Tea followed by leisurely breakfast and then another cup of tea listening to Classic FM. At least on Sundays. On this occasion I’ve switched from the live programme to the Spotify playlist. Same stuff, same effect, no ads. Ads are intrusive and there seem to be more of them than usual this morning.

I like also sitting tapping away at my laptop with no preconception of what is about to appear in front of me. Sometimes it is good to stare at the screen and come up with good ideas. Future plans.

Last week I pretty much determined to throttle back from telecoms and concentrate on festivals, campervans and other diverse and interesting activities. Will see this year out first. I’ve always had in mind to add an online retail section to the Anne’s Vans business. I did explore it a while back but concluded that it would take too much time to do it properly. I would be able to make the time if not working.

My approach to setting up new lines of businesses has to be one that lets you do things remotely. Outsource the work. Just come up with the ideas in the first place and get it running. You need to be able to manage the business from underneath a palm tree on a Caribbean isle or from your seat at a pavement cafe in  Provence. That sort of thing. 

This may sound fanciful but it is not. Half the battle is having the idea in the first place and then executing. The Caribbean bit can be part of the idea. This is what people struggle with. Lots of people come up with ideas but never see them through. Many more people don’t even come up with ideas but this is probably because they aren’t sitting down now trying to think of them. They shouldn’t need to try. Ideas should just come to them when they give it time.

The diverse and interesting thing to do might not be a business at all. I want to get into bookbinding though whether I’ll have the patience for that is another thing. It could be travel although I am in two minds about that. We have two big travel adventures already lined up over the next couple of years. One involves long haul flights and the other a long haul campervan journey. I’m not overly fussed about getting on a  plane anymore and am looking to use up my avios on next year’s trip west. The journey by van to the South of France in 2023 will be a far more sedate activity although probably quite knackering. Will defo need to slot in a few hotel nights in between campsites.

Debating whether to go for a swim this afternoon. The plan for today is to work through the jobs list and then spend time with Joe cooking a leg of lamb for dinner this evening. This may or may not leave room for a swim. The other question relates to who else will be in the pool. During the week the mid afternoon slot looks like yielding the perfect environment for lane swimming with very few people in the pool. Will this be the case on a Sunday? Will the slots have been booked by parents looking to give bored kids something to do. It isn’t meant to be a general swim but ya never know. I’m overthinking this.

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