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5.20am and the clock ticks. I am up with the birds and the occasional shift worker. Figured I’d get some Anne’s Vans stuff done but it’s a bit too early for my brain to be in gear. It’s not even my turn to make the tea. Too early for breakfast. Papers and emails read, Facebook scanned and WhatsApp cursory glanced. I realise that last phrase is not grammatically correct but it rolls nicely off the tongue and does convey the meaning.

On the unit in front of the TV lies my latest read: Tudor and Stuart Lincoln. It is interesting but is so packed with information that I have decided to shelve it as reference book as opposed to digesting it cover to cover. If I ever need some facts on Elizabethan Lincoln I know where to go. Same applied to Medieval Lincoln. When I first arrived in Lincoln I borrowed these books from the library and read every single word.

Covid mortality rates continue to drop. Only 17 deaths reported yesterday. I have already begun researching walks in Swaledale. We are off to Keld at the end of May. One of my fave spots. Totally chilled out. Quite excited about going.

The one large cloud on the horizon that may yet ruin the summer is the increase in covid infections in Europe. Will this be another of those occasions where we are saved by our island nation status. Sceptre protector. Liked that 🙂

It’s another reason why I need to get the new Anne’s Vans site finished. I’ll have to drop everything to do it shortly. It’s a bigger undertaking than I had initially realised. Just needs a burst of energy and clearly 5.20am on a Tuesday in March ain’t where that’s at.

Soon be April though and the clocks go forward next weekend. Cue wearing shorts. Might even try them for comfort today. Life is short, wear shorts.

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By Trefor Davies

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