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Lovely spring day and have been getting on with the jobs in the garden. Needs some managerial input now and the whole management team is at a virtual church service so it will have to wait. Building a management breakout area at the bottom of the garden using an old bit of trellis and a side from our the building formerly known as the playhouse which in later years was stripped of its internal fittings and used as a garden store.

The plant pots have now been fixed to the old standalone candelabra that seems to have appeared from somewhere. Unsure whether this was inherited or procured from a charity shop which is quite likely. Now it is an elaborate plant stand. Just needs the glue and sealant to properly set and it can be painted.

The jobs list has been cleared. Only two jobs remain: paint window frames on potting shed and varnish kitchen window sill. These are jobs I added to the list myself so they can be completed at leisure. Ordinarily I’d get Stuey in to do the painting but he has broken his collarbone.

The remainder of the afternoon will to some extent be given over to food preparation. We have a fore rib of beef to enjoy later with all the trimmings. Ciao.

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By Trefor Davies

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