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There were two Knights of the Realm on the Today Programme on radio 4 this morning. I don’t remember the name of the first one because I was only really prompted to think about it when the second, Sir Roger, came on about an hour later.

The question of the day is this. Is the presence of two knights on totally separate bits of the programme a pure coincidence or is this a concerted effort on the part of the BBC to gentrify the station? 

One might even consider whether there are now so many knights being dubbed, if I can put it like that and no pun intended in respect of any BBC sound recording practice, that statistically speaking, the presence of two of them on air within an hour of each other is unsurprising.

There is more. Sir Roger is in my mind a common enough name for a knight. I’d like to bet there were a couple of them onboard ship when William the Conqueror came over in 1066. It’s a knightly sort of name. Perhaps Rog is a direct descendant of one of them. It’s probably quite common amongst knights to pass on their first name as well as their, presumably, manorial handle. Can you have hereditary knights? From my peasant perspective I don’t know enough about it.

I can’t believe the other guy, sorry Sir I didn’t catch your name, comes from a long line of knights. I’m sure were he called Lancelot or similar, another Roger even, it would have stuck in my mind. He must be one of these modern knights created for services to industry/slipping the Conservative Party not insubstantial funds for various “election campaigns” over the years. I’ll call him Dave. His name is not relevant anyway as I’m not going to refer to him again. Well I might but at this stage have no plans to do it so probably not.

I’d rather be a lord than a knight anyway. As far as Waitrose are concerned I am one. Also a Captain as I have two Waitrose accounts. The Captain Tref account was created for when we need a delivery to the Beyond The Woods festival site. They won’t let you specify deliveries to more than one location from the same account.

The Caravan and Motorhome Club of which I am a new member as I needed to book a site next year that would only accept members from said institution thinks I am a Count. It was a drop down option for titles when creating an account. Bit strange I thought but maybe the Club has a high Count membership 🙂 

It does feel as if it will be difficult to go backwards from here. The idea of signing up for anything new as a Mr would be a comedown. Totally inappropriate. Needs a bit of thought… 🙂

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By Trefor Davies

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