The fridge runner

The extreme sport of fridge running as demonstrated at the Lincoln 10k race. Fridge running is a latter day phenomenon, largely because the refrigerator is a relative new invention in the timeline of the modern era. One hundred years ago, or less, the only means of maintaining food at low temperatures was the simple pantry. This was at least the case for the majority of the population whose gardens were too small to accommodate an ice house.

Whilst the pantry had some benefits, not the least of which was that it was a large walk in store that would be pretty cool (pun intended) in a modern kitchen where space is often at a premium it was totally impractical to carry around on one’s back.

This is where the modern fridge excels. As well as keeping food colder for longer than the pantry, provided the seal is not compromised, it  is easier to strap onto your back for the purpose of fridge running. In this scenario the running performance is not compromised by the state of the seal  though a mouldy seal is undesirable for cosmetic purposes. The problem is easily overcome by the light application of a proprietary cleansing cream that is easily wiped off leaving the rubber seal as new.

Fridge running is an elite sport with few exponents. To some extent this is due to the immense physical strength and endurance required of its participants but also because it does demand an element of eccentricity that characterised the mad dogs and Englishmen of midday sun fame you have to be a nutter.

There is considerable strategy involved in fridge running. It isn’t just a question of hoiking the fridge on your back and running. The strategy adopted will vary by length of race. Long races conducted in hotter than ideal conditions offer the opportunity to stock the fridge with supplies of chilled liquids (not beer – beer is not recommended for fridge running unless it is for the benefit of supporters positioned along the route or for resale to spectators as part of the commercial opportunity generated by the growing interest in the sport).

Clearly a balance has to be struck between the problems associated with carrying a heavier fridge and the benefits brought to the runner by it’s contents.  This is very much an individual judgement and no attempt is made here to define the optimum load set.

I hope you enjoy the video. Please take the opportunity to watch other random Lincoln 10k snippets on my YouTube channel. None are as interesting as this but you might see someone you know:)

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