A love poem for Coffee.

Oh dark mother, once more I suckle at your caffeinated teat.

From the bean, via steam, your emanations are all at once bitter and sweet.

With milk or alone both comforts and uplifts.

Please accept my humble thanks for your …

Remember my love

Freeze my bones, bury them deep in an icy ground, rot them long and forget them longer.

Discard my ideas, let them flutter idly onto an eternal wasteland, forever barren and unadmired.

Crush my deeds, mangle them lifeless between the …

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A journey in time

Lime Street
Liverpool Central
James Street
Hamilton Square
Birkenhead Central
Do not alight here!
Green Lane
Rock Ferry
Port Sunlight
Bromborough Rake

andrew massing is a luxury

andrew massing is a luxury
top shelf goods
positioned to shape
and deliver strategy

sharp of mind
and king of utility
he stands out
in a speakeasy world

working to a plan
shrewd objectivity personified
he, luxuriant, rocks.…

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Burton Spice

The food here,
Is hot stuff
If you can take it,
Or simply tasty
If you can’t,
Delivered to your door
If you can’t make it
In person,
Deep karma
In the form of
Chicken korma
Tikkas all
The right

Impromptu Lunch

Impromptu lunch, finest kind,

A few beers,

No such thing as a free one,

So I paid.…

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The kettle boils, hopefully

The kettle boils, hopefully. I meant to say that I hope the kettle will boil rather than an observation as to the mental state of the kettle as it is boiling.

The tea brews; you know what I’m saying

The …

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