In plain sight

It once made you powerful,
Now it only makes you feel that way.

Deficient in daylight,
In bunkers sealed airtight,
Strength drained as you cower;
A precious guard around your own weak heel.

Observers, silent, underground,
Huddle around glowing transcripts;…


XCorporate social responsibility,
Floats on a soft breeze,
In through a high window,
To land delicately,
Bold and beautiful,
In the middle of a matrix,
Of meaningless aspirations.

Spun beyond substance,
Words betray readers,
Who do not ask questions;
And …

Out from within

Shout louder,
Listen less;
A tribe in a bubble,
The other side can hardly hear you, you know…
Step out from within,
Away from the raucous din…
They hate you,
As much as you hate them;
And them over there,…

Electrical illusion

Immediacy alludes power,
Glimpsed through slatted bits;
Drawn close we matter,
Yet power rests unmoved;
On the boldest shoulder,
Benumbed by glare;
Guns unaffected,
By people who care.…



Succumb, my loyal populace!
Line up and be defended;
Together I am stronger,
And my enemies extended.

My watchers are amongst you,
But fuss not at their goal;
Enjoy the playground made for you,
The freedom I bestow.

I tell …

Data, power!

XClung on because I couldn’t let go,
Hung on because I could;
I daren’t delete, and nor dare you!
A disk for me, a hall, or two.

Our future but a hoarders’ folly,
Brought together without remorse;
Fragments here, remnants …



“Knowledge,” said the slightly drunken grey-bearded man, “is the pursuit of anger.”

“Anger?” I challenged.

“Anger.” He confirmed.

A pause.

A sip.

He contemplated.

“You can’t be angry ’bout stuff you don’t know. Kids these days, they’re only angry ‘cos …

Civil, war

XSat high in the hills where love is norm:-
The basis for life, everyday.

Where the absence of love fuels a desire to love,
And love a desire to live.

Over, again, looking down on crater lakes;
On flora vivid …

Nobody will miss me

XI can’t got home,
And I can’t stay here;
I have nowhere to hide…
My heart beats faster,
Each day lived in fear.
When the hit-man calls,
You won’t learn what I’ve done.
When the drone strike hits,
Nobody will …

Written by hand

XSend me a letter written by hand;
Ink won’t betray,
Or misunderstand.

In a land where they watch:-
Watch what you send;
And send what you watch:-
To see what you like.

Watch what you like,
To guess what you …

The 5th of May

XOn the 5th of May I didn’t wake up,

My eyes stayed shut and my kidneys packed up;

My lungs didn’t breathe and my bowels didn’t grind,

My ears heard nothing, and nor did my mind!


The broken fence, …

One hundred and twenty two

XOne family,
one car;
one family car,
one forty-tonne truck.

One quarter,
of one percent;
of the annual price,
of one freedom.

One careless word,
one silly post;
one early morning knock,
one costly mistake.

One threat: eliminated;
one risk: …


X21 years ago it was all you could do to keep me alive. I devoured your time, precious little bar a gurgle and brief smile in return; a flashing glimpse of the dynamic force I would become.

You fed me …


XI love peace, but see the necessity in war;
And believe in equality, yet make excuses for greed.…

Locked in

XWhere shall we go on holiday, dear?

We often like Turkey at this time of year…

I don’t know about you, but I fancy.. Something new!

Have a look on the ‘net, see what’s to do?

So I pulled up …