The third law part 15 – the fireside chat

Sitting here by the fire listening so someone else’s choice of music. It’s ok. He has similar tastes to me. Bought some smokeless fuel from B&Q this morning. Some packaged “instant light” stuff. It’s not right. Coal should be delivered …

Two swans flying over a snowy field

Today I saw two swans flying over a white snow-covered field. I didn’t get a picture as I was on a train and they would in any case have been tiny white dots in the shot. However it isn’t difficult …

The gentle snow

The gentle snow fell,
brushing my cheeks
laid bare, the light caress
of a cold lover. Emotionless.

Miniature flakes
filled the sky,
icy promise.…

Life’s a struggle

Life’s a struggle, when you are a paperboy and it has been snowing all night. As I drove out to get some coal in the Jeep this morning I passed a paperboy trying to make headway on his bike. It …