floral arrangement in the snow

floral arrangement in the snow

There’s something WI flower show about this image or maybe even the Chelsea Flower Show. It would be a hugely expensive display to put on at Chelsea because of the cost of creating the artificial snow and stopping it from melting in June, or whenever they hold it. I’m not so bothered about the WI. They could arrange a flower show to suit. Not that I’m a member, obv. It would be quite easy for them to say “lets have another cake competition ladies” and to sling on a frozen flower exhibit/competition at the same time. They must have lots of baking competitions. That and knitting. It’s what they do, how they roll. That and calendars but we won’t go there…

There particular flower pots are better presented frozen and covered in snow because that way you can’t see that they have had the proverbial stuffing knocked out of them by footballing kids (also rugby and cricket – whatever the weather and time of year).

I will leave you with a message of hope. I hope it starts to get a bit warmer, melts this now and lets the flowers start growing again.


By Trefor Davies

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