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Woke up this morning and realised that my bare arm was outside the duvet and was cold. Now downstairs looking at my two go to weather sites, the met office and I see that it is subzero out. I was reminded of my post university time in Bangor where during the winter of 1983/84 I lived in a top floor flat without central heating. Wouldn’t have been able to afford the heating anyway. I remember lying in bed with just my nose poking out from the duvet and my breath freezing. We were ‘ard in them days.

Today I am up early again, with the birds. The first thing I noticed was that not much has changed in the news since I went to bed. Must have been a slow news night. I note some TV personality whose programme I have never watched is said to be a billionaire. This is of little consequence and is almost certainly in US dollars anyway which is cheating. Might just as well have been in Italian Lira. Bitcoin remains at just below £42k which is somewhat bemusing.

I other news our group’s attempt to buy Rugby World Cup 2023 tickets was once again a frustrating failure. It’s a PR disaster for the sport. You had to queue for 2 hours to get in to a site that had no tickets left to sell. Would have been far more equitable if it had been run as a ballot. We are still going to go along for the craic. Probably need to brace ourselves for the campsite booking experience.

In more other news Tref’s Greenhouse is now set up to receive payments from Facebook for paid for online events. I have no plans to do any but who knows. The greenhouse site is now a brand of ltd – they needed proper company info to make it work and “sole trader” was somehow already taken 🙂 Will cut down on the accountancy fees anyway!

Be generally a v productive day. Some Netaxis, Anne’s Vans and a bit of creativity that I’ll share with you when finished. Probs Friday. It involves coffee and rum. Be intrigued.

Had enough now. Watching a documentary on some archaeological topic on the Smithsonian Channel. My kind of stuff. Not all documentaries are any good mind you. I’ve seen one or two on Amazon Prime with low production values and the stuff on Netflix is far too dumbed down. American market innit.

Another quiet night in prospect. Funny that. I am considering seeing if we can get into the Morning Star beer garden for early doors next Monday. Wouldn’t want an all dayer. A couple of hours say. Three at the most. Back home for dinner and then fall asleep on the settee.

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