U7 Proposed Eastern Bypass

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I live on Wragby Road and I suppose the Proposed Eastern Bypass would be good for us. Cut down the traffic. Mind you I suspect that most of the traffic on our roads is down to the school run. When the kids are on holiday there are a lot fewer cars. When it rains it gets v busy. Makes you wonder why because I don’t think I see that many people walking to school or work otherwise.

Anyway the point is I’m not sure they are proposing to build the Eastern bypass on my account. It must be another reason.  Certainly the traffic in the mornings coming in to the city down Canwick Hill can be quite bad. Maybe it will help with that.

I’ve never understood why people would choose to live out that way because of this, at least if they have to commute into Lincoln. The commute bit itself is also a mystery considering I walk to work but we won’t go there.

Will this concreting over the countryside ever end.


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By Trefor Davies

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