A love poem for Coffee.

Oh dark mother, once more I suckle at your caffeinated teat.

From the bean, via steam, your emanations are all at once bitter and sweet.

With milk or alone both comforts and uplifts.

Please accept my humble thanks for your …

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W11 Washingborough

W11 Washingborough contains a Methodist Church at the bottom of the aptly named Church Hill. Took a look on google street view. Was kind of expecting an old fashioned C of E edifice at the end of Church Hill tbh …

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V17 Branston

I’ve always associated Branston with Branston Pickle though I have absolutely no evidence to suggests that there is a real link between the two. Maybe there is a small shed at the bottom of someone’s garden that opens into an …

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P24 Waddington

Oo great. Waddington. I’ve checked and P24 definitely contains a bit of the Waddington Air Base. This is good because I’ve been to Waddington Air Base a few times. To the Summer and Winter balls at the officers mess for …

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Cb3 Clasketgate

I’m a bit gutted to find that The Collection, our wonderful museum, only just touches Cb3 which is the clasketgate grid and I feel it doesn’t have enough of a presence to merit inclusion in this piece, which is a …

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Ba1 Sudbrooke

I was in Sudbrooke the other day. My wife had bought a sofa on eBay from someone who lived there. In fact it wasn’t just a sofa. It was a corner unit plus a 2 seater settee and a pouffe. …

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Bb3 City Hall


waving of wands

form filling



the mayor

rateable values

traffic wardens

rubbish collection

council tax

bus passes

residents parking

polling stations

planning permission


recycling points




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X12 Washingborough Pits

They’re the pits, they’re in Washingborough

They’re the pits,  not in Edinburgh

They’re not in York or London or in leeds

They’re just nearby in Washingborough they’re the pits.


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U7 Proposed Eastern Bypass

I live on Wragby Road and I suppose the Proposed Eastern Bypass would be good for us. Cut down the traffic. Mind you I suspect that most of the traffic on our roads is down to the school run. When …

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P5 Ermine East

A bit like Lincoln itself it’s a little off the beaten track is Ermine East.  It’s somewhere you specifically need to be going to. You don’t really just pass through it (ok I know you pass through lincoln en route …

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K8 West Common

I once ran around West Common. It was a far away time when I was young enough to delude myself that doing such a thing made sense. Not anymore. It isn’t that I consider running to be a bad thing, …

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Lincoln A2Z S17 – Nothing

It cannot be that S17 is “Nothing”. There must be a field there at least. Shirley. The A2Z doesn’t really help us here. If the Lincoln A2Z was the HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy it would at least have some …

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Lincoln A2Z N7- Bishop Grot

Bishop Grot is in N7. It’s somewhere you drive past many times without thinking much other than “there’s Bishop Grot” or “hmm I notice it’s now a Uni”. Although I’ve lived in Lincoln since January 7th 1984 I only went …

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Lincoln A2Z J13 – Tritton Road

I was a bit disappointed to find that J13 was a different bit of Tritton Road to the one I had been thinking of. Had it been L11 there were lots of things to talk about. I’ve even already written …

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Lincoln A2Z E11 – Skellingthorpe Road

I have a mate called Terry who lives around here. Can’t remember his address but I’d know the house if I saw it. Renovates old cars. And plays golf. Had some other friends who lived here during the property boom …

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