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Inside carwash

Monday, December 31st, 2012

Inside a car in a carwashNo words, just soap suds…

5 laptops in the front room

Sunday, December 30th, 2012

I walked into the front room. There were the four offspring all sat there with laptops open. I soon joined them. Anne beavering away in the kitchen; steak pie. The fire struggled to light. Apparently the wrong kind of paper. It’s going now. A little tlc from Tref. We are listening to QPR v Liverpol over tinterweb. Liverpool are winning for a change. QPR are firmly entrenched at the bottom of the league.

Joseph and I had a lovely six holes of golf. His game is coming along. Had his first par put today. Missed it but it will come. There were few others out. People are bunkering down over the holidays though the weather today was fine for golf. Cold but no problem if you wrap up properly. I bought a new thermal hat with the Lincoln Golf Club logo. Ten quid for cash. Could’t find my Himalayan hat before leaving for the club. Would be disappointed to lose that one. I’m sure it will reappear.

After the game we had a drink in the clubhouse. Joe had a hot chocolate and I had a warm Guinness (as opposed to Guinness Extra Cold!). They had set the place up for New Year’s Eve. Only around 50 people signed up for it apparently whereas they normally get 80 or so (apparently). Not my kind of thing.

Back home the fire is now going and I’m on another Guinness. It’s quite relaxing sat here with the kids listening to the football. It would probably not be the same if we were losing.

Back to work tomorrow. I have some prep to do for my BBC appearance on New Year’s Day. Talking to William Wright (@MrWilliam) on BBC Radio Lincolnshire about technology developments in 2013.

Before golf today Anne and I went for a swim. They normally have lane swimming at Yarborough Leisure Centre at lunchtime on a Sunday but today they were short staffed so part of the pool was “roped off” and there was just the melee of the general swim. I’l be back in the pool tomorrow morning before going to work.

Anne is still beavering away in the kitchen but Hannah has gone out downtown on the lash! A very social animal is our Hannah. No worries 🙂

That’ll do for now. 2013 i going to see a big increase in the amount of content on philosopherontap hence these posts that are more of a diary entry than art but I’m sure it will develop in the right way.


The dark evening

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

The dark evening began early. Street lights illuminated, car headlights searched, pedestrians scurried collars raised and scarves knotted.  Puddles adorned the roadside, dirty brown, black reflections, avoid.

The football ended better than it might. An anguish easing equaliser in the second half saved the day, again.

The lads walked home up the hill. At least there was no phone call, yet.

The trip to the shop was successful. Minimal stress, relatively. Jeans purchaysed, laptop fixed, parking fee, refunded.

The stroll to the Morning Star, anticipated.  Cloverless pint of Guinness poured, slowly. Smacked lips licked, savoured.

I came home to a Jamie Oliver crispy duck in hoisin sauce salad, scoffed.

The Dull December Day

Saturday, December 29th, 2012

It is, as it says on the front cover, a dull December day. The period between Christmas and New Year’s Eve when we are all just hanging around, killing time. It’s too wet to play golf, almost certainly bugger all on the telly and although I’m sure I could find some jobs to do there is very little inclination to do them.

At this point I feel as if I should utter an audible sigh but actually this enforced lethargy is not too bad really. Everybody else is getting on with something. I could sort out my wardrobe. I just bought some clothes in the sales and need to throw a few things away so’s I can find space.

Hannah has taken John to play footy in Welton. Joe has gone to watch Lincoln City v Gateshead with some mates and Tom has just got back from a run around the block.

I do need to clean out the grate but I’m not sure we will be lighting the fire today. The problem with having the fire on is that if everyone else decides to watch the tv then I’ll be on my own in the front room.

The rain continues. One the wettest years on record apparently. Played havoc with the crops. We were alright until they declared a hosepipe ban and then of course it rained for forty days and forty nights. Twice! I’m sure the lawn will have even more moss in it next year.

Hannah and I just had lunch at the Burton Road Chippy. I had haddock, chips and mushy peas and she had fish cake and chips. A nice little meal out. We have her for another week and then she is off skiing with Durham University for 8 days. Just 1,400 or so close friends. You have to pity any other poor holidaymakers who might find themselves in the same resort. Nightmare!

This year for the first time that I can remember Dunham bridge is closed because of flooding. The Trent often breaks its banks there but I’ve never seen the bridge being shut before. Vindicates our decision to live at the top of the hill I say:)

For what it’s worth I’m off downtown in a bit to Maplins. Anne’s laptop has stopped charging and I want to make sure it isn’t the charger before taking any more drastic action. It might also be the battery but I don’t think it is. We haven’t had any trouble with this battery before. I’ll let you know anyway.

Overall it’s been a very successful family Christmas. I’m actually looking forward to January now and the chance to have a quiet time and renew the exercise regimen. It won’t happen of course. The quiet time that is. I’m pretty confident of getting back into the swim of it in the pool.

That’ll do for now. I feel a job coming on.

See ya.

The Unbirthday Letter

Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Just another ordinary day like all the other ordinary days. You wake up, get out of bed, brush yer teeth keef, have breakfast maybe – pick yer jumbled order. Order yer jumbled picks, four candles, oze.

Grunt into the morning. Pick a pair of trousers from the pile on the floor, retrieve a shirt and hey presto. Overnight the offers have come in. Can you come and do a breakfast show for Radio one? Radio twit twoo five arrive alive oh, four more candles. Handles for knives and forks, fork’n knives.

Put them to one side. Today there are other things to do, fish to fry, flags to run up the pole, or the Lithuanian. God save the King, God help everybody that needs it.

Sing isn’t yer thing, although you like a good song. Chanson d’amour. Goodness gracious me. A wandring minstrel I, a thing of shreds and patches, of ballads songs and snatches and dreamy lullaby. Uh?

Nobody said anything had to make cents. Tuppence. Hippy bathday, happy barfday. Moaning. A far as we’re concerned there is nothing of any particular note happnin.

Everybody talkin bout camras, scamras, watch the vid, make the vid, luxuriate in advertising revenues that pay for the next skiing holiday, should you opt in.

stretch that font sur le pont, quel concoction.

Just another day, it’s a perfect day. Act two scene one, the Steep Hill room at the Wig and Mitre. Yah yah waffle waffle, how do you do, duck. Might wear a new tie, before I die. A tie to die for? That’s one thing I have school to thank for. That and amo amass amat, amamus amatis amant.

New York, London, Paris, Lincoln, everybody talk about unbirthdays.

Uchelgaer uwch y weilgi,

Gyr y byd ei cherbydau drosti

Chwithau oll longau’r lli,

Ewch o dan ei chadwyni.


So long and thanks for all the Capn Birds Eye cod bites in breadcrumbs, cook from frozen.







#Carol singing bash at Morning Star

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Morning Star

Get on down to the Morning Star tomorrow night for a spot of carol singing. That’s Wednesday 19th December starting at 8ish with Colin Dudman on the piano forte. Last year’s was a great success and it will be even better this year.

See ya there?

PS Greetwell Gate in Lincoln.

The Sunday afternoon peace

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Kids are doing some homework or quietly getting on with something. Anne has popped out to Tesco and is picking up the printer ink that I thought I was going to have to go and get myself. The fire is burning away nicely in the grate and the front room is pleasantly warm.

The freezer has been defrosted and is now switched back on awaiting contents. In the meantime the frozen food remains nice and frozen in a bin in the back garden. The temperature is below freezing and so it has been a perfect time to do the job.

In a while I’ll go in to the kitchen to get started on preparing the Sunday roast. It’s just me, Joe and John as Anne is off out to the Bishop’s Palace with the girls for afternoon tea. We are having free range organic corn fed chicken with all the trimmings. They got all the right buzzwords into that package.

Next weekend it’s the Lincoln Christmas Market and we have the exciting prospect of our usual Saturday night market party. We will have all the family back for that. Even though Hannah has another week of term she is making the effort to come home for it.

We are all looking forward to Christmas this year. It will be another full Davies family gathering with fourteen of us sitting down to a full rack of beef on the Sunday. Before then I have my usual xmas bash at the Phoenix Artist Club in London – 150 – 200 or so folk coming along to celebrate the passing of another year. A few of the boys are coming down from Lincoln for it and it promises to be a great night out.

All is well and there is no tension in my world.

Random voice to text interpretations

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

It’s dark in the bedroom it only because it is a drone. And already up and dizzying to self in the kitchen. Joseph church on sunday mornings.
An exercise in prose by dictation shoes mixed and interesting results I’m going to light the fire today freezing outside plus I’m cooking for the lads so I will have to make to waitrose to buy some chicken good. New paragraph
Jason I’m going to do all the usual roast dinner trimmings to go with chicken. An iso file virtual assistant to you with her friends jus why we’re on a row. Leslie emptied 1 of the freezers super quick defrost it. Re dude try again the temperature is sub 0 outside which makes it easy thing to do this morning I’m going to get a chainsaw ranch to chop up to the wood at the front