The Burton Road Strip

The Burton Road Strip was a concept we came up with one Friday early doors in the Victoria Pub on Union Road. I normally only pop in for a couple of swift ones on my way home from work but the others are in for a longer session.

It came as a surprise to me to find that typically they all stopped off on Burton Road for a takeaway on their way home later in the evening. We jokingly came up with the idea of a Strip, American style, where people would cruise up and down looking for some action.

I wrote the poem and some time later met Dex who owns the No 10 Gallery on Burton Road. One thing lead to another and the project was born.

You can check out photos of the various eateries on Burton Road by clicking on the “Burton Road” category on the home page of this website.  Some of the photos were taken by Andy Benn.

The strip,
Furious confluence of disposable society,
Magnet for irreverents,
Cruising ground for hungry souls,
Melting pot for a global fondue,
Curry, Chinese, fish and chips,
Full English breakfast,
Even pork pies and sandwiches
From the Shell garage.
On your way home from the pub,
You can satisfy your needs
On the Burton Road Strip.

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