mixing batter


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xmas market party 2016

shopping list

sausage rolls
tortilla chips
stuff like that
breakfast stuff
soft drinks
pepperoni pizza for john
cheese twists

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If I said to you mobile phone what would you say that was all about

mobile phone

communications device
instrument of surveillance
invader of personal privacy
money sink
Electronic lifestyle manager
My P.A
streamline life
Pocket computer
Tool and entertainment system.
Pocket PC
Emergency torch.
Reference guide for trees.
In fact a reference guide …

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New post

just to be playful

The spit is turning on the bbq – there is a chicken pronged to it (if that is the right way of putting it)

The featured image – the view from an office where I was …

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jobslist 4th January

Where there is marriage there is jobslist

get spare key cut for Citroen
Clear out loft
Arial for TV in mancave
fix deckchairs
put xmas decs away
student load form
sort out Anne’s iPhone
mug cull

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Signs of life

It’s still the deep mid winter and there remains plenty of time for the snow proper to arrive. The garden is pretty desolate but there are signs of life as early spring bulbs begin to emerge.

The Davies house is …

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Only one thing left on the jobslist

Only one line item left on the jobslist. Hanging a picture in the kitchen. Then we can nip to Waitrose for a few choice morsels to accompany tonight’s pulled pork. A bottle of red wine stands patiently on the worktop.…

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“Knowledge,” said the slightly drunken grey-bearded man, “is the pursuit of anger.”

“Anger?” I challenged.

“Anger.” He confirmed.

A pause.

A sip.

He contemplated.

“You can’t be angry ’bout stuff you don’t know. Kids these days, they’re only angry ‘cos …

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Alcatraz by Plumb-it

Sounds like a racehorse doesn’t it? Alcatraz by Plumb-it. Actually this is part of a small parade of shops in Bromborough. When you need a hair cut or some plumbing tape (or a spanner) you can kill two birds with …

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Freeze the nads winter

I can see ma breath

Freeze the nads, glow the nose, see the breath mornings,

unlockable car lock, blow fingered, arse slip car parks,

ice scraping, ear burning, toes numbing amputating cold.


Bottom warming, slipper finding, sleep inducing, wood …

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The dark evening

The dark evening began early. Street lights illuminated, car headlights searched, pedestrians scurried collars raised and scarves knotted.  Puddles adorned the roadside, dirty brown, black reflections, avoid.

The football ended better than it might. An anguish easing equaliser in the …

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The Unbirthday Letter

Just another ordinary day like all the other ordinary days. You wake up, get out of bed, brush yer teeth keef, have breakfast maybe – pick yer jumbled order. Order yer jumbled picks, four candles, oze.

Grunt into the morning. …

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Random voice to text interpretations

It’s dark in the bedroom it only because it is a drone. And already up and dizzying to self in the kitchen. Joseph church on sunday mornings.
An exercise in prose by dictation shoes mixed and interesting results I’m going …

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The three sentences

Three sentences, gone, unrecovered. A broken promise by Microsoft Word. A rewrite was considered but no, let them be lost, cast adrift on a sinking raft of memories. Time is short and we must move on to arrive at our …

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Great sea journeys – Part 1, The Isle of Man Ferry.

The pointer, a time served professional, high vis jacket kept jauntily unzipped, playfully left his pointing until the last minute. It had been quite obvious which way to go but reassuring to know that this was in line with expectations. …

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