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the poetry of the hotel room

Sunday, November 15th, 2015

the poetry of the hotel room

wanted. poet to write about hotel rooms. only geniuses need apply. this one is mostly right angled.


the right angled hotel room

square with rectangular bits. bolt ons. that’s the nuts and bolts of it.


the bed is still unmade

I went out leaving what I thought was a “make up my room” sign hanging off the door. Later I realised that it actually said do not disturb. Not sure if that’s it for the day now…

Funny how at home  I’ll happily just chuck the duvet in the general direction of the bed and call it “made” whereas in the hotel I need it to be done properly. What if I have guests?

My brain isn’t empty yet

Sunday, November 15th, 2015

My brain isn’t empty yet. It needs totally clearing before I can start writing again. I don’t mean writing blog posts. I mean the creative stuff.

Not sure it’ll happen in Bucharest. Too much going on. My plan is to finish early for Christmas and clear the decks. Get a lot of the jobs around the house out of the way. It’ll be a shock to Anne’s system. She’s got used to me pushing back on the jobs. I can’t mix concentrating on work and getting things done around the house.

I had a kickoff session with the developers for before coming to Bucharest so got the ball rolling on that. Need that finished before Christmas in time for the rush of bookings in the New Year. Hopefully.

Part of emptying the brain is cutting down on consumption. I find that alcohol dulls the senses, even the following day. I can write handle turning stuff such as appears in but innovation requires clarity of thought. Once clarity is achieved words pour out as if a bucket is being emptied. A deep bucket.

I quite like the feeling of a totally clear head. You feel as if you can do anything. There is an engine in there geared to making things happen. Actually the process of just sitting in front of a blank piece of paper has the effect of clearing the brain to a certain extent. You just need to stare at something long enough for it to kick in. Once you get started you are fine.

There is a mirror in front of me at the desk in my room where this is being written. It’s a little odd looking up and seeing myself looking back. It should dual up as a monitor. Should be easy enough to invent. Not that I mind looking at myself in the mirror. I don’t think it’s a vanity thing. It’s the same as me liking having my photo taken. I can’t understand why some people don’t want their photo taken:)

All is quiet around me, except for the calm persistence of the air conditioning. One wonders what the good citizens of Bucharest do on a Sunday. Same as everywhere else I suppose, whatever that is. Last Sunday I happened to be in Tesco on Wragby Road and it was packed. Took me a little by surprise. I think I’d only popped in for a couple of basics for tea for me and John. It’s quite nice only having John at home now, the other three now all being away for much of the time.

The hotel I am staying at is the JW Marriott Grand Bucharest, or some similar combination of those words. It’s a posh 5 star along the classic American lines. Comfortable enough, fair play. I did consider paying for an upgrade. However at £40 or so a night I couldn’t see what value I’d get, especially having arrived in the room to find it already pretty well appointed. Would have got me access to the club lounge but I find most of those lounges not worth using anyway. In my experience these exec rooms are the same as the ordinary ones but with a bathrobe and some free mineral water but I already seem to have those so hey… Mind you the mineral water isn’t very nice. I’ve tried it. Tap water is better!

It’s 1.45 local time. I quite fancy a simple cheese and onion sandwich for lunch. Thing is this is a 5 star hotel. They don’t do simple cheese sandwiches. They want to make something elaborate to justify the large amounts of cash they want to remove from your wallet in exchange for the sandwich. I’ll pop down and take a look in a minute. Everything so far seems to be buffetish, if that is a word. If it wasn’t before it is now.

“buffetish” – a bit like a buffet.

Actually it either is a buffet or it isn’t, I suppose. Probably all you can eat. afaik. Buffetish could also major around the word fetish but that wasn’t the interpretation intended by the author. Trust me, I’m a doctor. Well no actually I’m not. That was a phrase that just entered into my head. For some reason. Being a doctor is something that never attracted me. I don’t like gore. Too squeamish.

You can use whatever interpretation you like for buffetish. That’s the beauty of free speech and self determination. Innit. Bye.

8th November 2015 – up early

Sunday, November 8th, 2015

It’s early morning. Dark out, presumably. I can’t see because the curtains are drawn but I’m sure I’d notice chinks of light had the dawn arrived. We are heading towards the shortest day and whilst it is still six weeks or so away it feels as if we are already nearly there.

This morning last night’s sounds of fireworks have been replaced by the regular whoosh of cars on the road outside. Odd that I can hear so many cars on a Sunday morning. People going to work I suppose, or taxi drivers taking the last of the Saturday night party animals home. I’m sat in the TV room which is at the front of the house. It’s slightly warmer than the conservatory which also my office and my normal choice of spot to sit and write. At least during the day, and in the early hours of a summer morning where I can see the garden wake up.

Yesterday I made inroads into the jobs list. This is a never ending task because as soon as one list is finished another appears not to mention the fact that new jobs appear on the sheet of paper before I’ve been able to cross them all off. Yesterday I replaced some light bulbs, installed a new curtain rail in Joe’s room and fixed Hannah’s.

I’m not a particularly diligent doer of jobs. I have to be in the right frame of mind. It’s partly because during my working life I’ve spent most waking hours working in one way or another. Now I’ve started to throttle back I’m trying to spend more time getting other things done. Tidying up the garage for instance which desperately needed doing. Sorting out the attic is going to be a big project and not a one man job. Mostly it needs Anne there to decide what stays and what goes. We’ve thrown a lot of stuff up there over the years. It’s a big attic.

Originally we lined it and boarded it over to be my office. Then we built a train layout up there which was an ongoing project and never quite finished. Finally it just became a dumping ground. Every bit of school work the kids ever did is up there. Those 3rd year history notes are going to come in useful someday I’m sure. The latest talk is of turning into a den. We shall see. It may happen if there is enough support to get the clearing done.

Yesterday I also spent some time finishing off the spec for our new website It’s our new campervan hire business. At the end of the summer we bought a 1971 VW T2 bay campervan. We won’t be using it all the time so figured out we would hire it out when we don’t need it, which will be most of the time.

We’ve named the van Betty which feels right and because Anne’s middle name is Elizabeth. Betty is yellow and is in near perfect nick. Just needs a few mods doing for when we hire her out. She is sat in Dave Cooper’s garage in dry storage. Dave is going to maintain her and be around for the handover between clients.

vw campervan bBtty is a fun funky project. Everybody loves these campervans. I had her pop top up in our drive one weekend and someone came in to talk about her. Then when I drove her to the cathedral to take some pics, tourists kept coming up and having their photographs taken with her. Hey! Cool 🙂 I’ll get someone started on the website this week. The graphic design is going to be important.

Although I’m up early I was quite late to bed last night. 11pm is late for me. Early to bed and up early has been my habit ever since we had kids. Now they don’t get up at the crack of dawn themselves but I still haven’t been able to get out of the habit.

Time to make the tea…

Not many of them left now, the leaves

Saturday, November 7th, 2015

Not many of them left now,  the leaves. On the trees that is. They are mostly on the ground psyching themselves up for removal into a black plastic bin liner and thence either to the compost heap or the green bin. The green bin most likely. Our compost heap is no longer a heap but a black plastic container purpose built for composting. I think it is still full from a couple of seasons back. Outside the light is beginning to fade. It’s only just after 4pm. Doesn’t seem like yesterday when at this time of day I would have been wearing a pair of shorts sipping a cold beer and getting ready for the bbq. No matter. I like the Autumn. I like the slow slide towards Christmas. I like all the planning of parties that goes on. I like the parties themselves too of course. I’m wearing a coat as I write this. I put the heating on but it takes a while to kick in. I figured I’d just sit here and write. No agenda. No specific subject. Just killing a bit of time. It’s an odd concept the killing of time, especially when employing a keyboard to do so. Die time, your time is up!! The wind is getting up. I can hear it. Maybe it gets louder as the trees lose their foliage. The conservatory is a noisy place to be when the wind is like this. Looking up I can see sycamore seeds bouncing around.