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5th Feb 2020

Wednesday, February 5th, 2020

This morning I have a clear head and am feeling relaxed. Woke up naturally at around 06.30, had a cup of tea and then a shower and we ambled over to the terminal to check in. This was easy although came with the news that I was going to be subjected to an additional (SSSS) search at the gate. Ah well.

We are travelling in first class today so were quickly through security – there are more security people than passengers. At the Concorde Lounge we dropped off our coats and carry on luggage and went for a very pleasant breakfast. I had California Eggs Benedict with a side of bacon and Anne had porridge. The coffee was good. The champagne has been resisted as we have a long flight ahead of us with lots of champagne and other goodies. 

This easy start to the day is the cause of my relaxed state and if you can do it is really the only way to fly. We have another 30 mins until we need to head to the gate – slightly earlier than normal to allow for the SSSS (Strip Search and other Such Stuff?).