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The meaning of Christmas

Tuesday, December 24th, 2013

Strange that the culmination of the year should be Christmas time. It is deepest mid-winter. The weather is at its most miserable nonentity. It rarely snows to make it the picture postcard scene of Christmas cards. Neither does it have the same significance as it used to – and I’m talking the midwinter festival here not the relatively modern religious aspect.

Time was, I guess, that folk got fed up with the austerity that winter brought and needed an excuse to break the monotony. Nowadays as long as you have the cash there is never a lean time of year where we await the onset of new growth with, presumably, eager anticipation. We still celebrate though.

In recent times the celebration has been themed around the birth of Jesus Christ. I am not in the least bit religious but I do still like the tradition of the whole Christmas Story. It makes me feel good. Takes me back to my childhood where we left brandy, mince pies and a carrot out for our midnight visitors and us kids were in bed at an inordinately early time to try and fast forward the night to morning.

Now as a parent with kids living away from home and knowing that they will be home for Christmas I feel almost the same excitement as I did all those years ago waiting for Santa to come. The kids themselves, I am pretty certain, like to come home. We have our community traditions: friends’ parties, carol singing in the Morning Star and early doors in the pub on Christmas Eve. For those that like to go there is the carol service at St Peter in Eastgate church.

The religious aspect now has no meaning for the majority of us. We still like to celebrate the birth of Jesus because we have always done so. It feels right but not because of any deeply held faith. For most, Christmas now means having a good time, nice presents, good food and drink. It has a feelgood factor.

As I write the fire is crackling away in the grate, there are Christmas carols on the radio and it has grown dark outside. The house is otherwise quiet and all is ready for the feasting ahead.

Have a great Christmas and good luck for the new year:)

Lincoln Eleanor Cross – launch of project

Saturday, December 21st, 2013

On Tuesday a meeting was held at St Catherine’s church at South Common to launch the Eleanor Cross project for Lincoln. The original Eleanor Cross was destroyed during the English ┬áCivil War although a fragment of the base still exists in Lincoln Castle.

Philosopherontap is going to cover the whole project but in the interest of getting some info out there quickly here are a couple of video interviews taken at the church on Tuesday.

The first is with artist Alan Ward and the second is with the parish priest Father Ian.

silent clock

Sunday, December 1st, 2013

Low winter sun marks approach to solstice. House is warm. Kitchen radio talks sport, fire crackles. Clock makes its silent way.