My Uncle Tref

My uncle likes rugby,
He likes to cheer them on,
Especially when they’re wearing red
And from the land of song.
He’s lately played around the world
In parliamentary strip,
The matches, dinners, beers and laughs
Were the highlights of …

fishy thoughts

My thoughts are like fish with every scale filled.

My bright ideas twinkling on and off,

Sometimes remembered sometimes forgot,

New thoughts old thoughts fill my brain.

Some shimmering fishes fall asleep and don’t wake up,

Others dance and prance …


Soon my stocking will be full,
its just hanging empty at the mo,
I’ve slept a night and now its full to the brim,
So I’ll spend the morning opening them,
And thanking everyone for my pressies,
So now you …

Its Christmas Everyone

Its so nearly Christmas,
I just can’t wait,
The present pile under the tree is growing,
There’s one for you and one for me,
Time flies by, its Christmas eve already,
Just one more sleep until…

Teddy Bear

He may be small,
He may be big,
But he’s definately good to hug.
I love him to bits,
I think he’s wonderful,
and I’ve had him all my life.
Although he’s tattered and he’s torn he’s still standing tall,…

Foods Of The Family

From an original idea from Hannah with help from Megs in the pool.

Stella, Stella, Chicken Paella,
Lily, Lily, Sausages are silly,
Meg, Meg, boiled egg,
Hannah, Hannah, bendy bananas,
John, John, tea and scone,
Joe, Joe, ate his big …

the sea

sparkling sapphire sea,
full of fish and dolphins,
glittering fins break the suface,

but then,

waves roll,
no longer calm and smooth,
but rough and choppy,
no fins break the surface now,

what was perfect is now ready to kill.…


Howling, raging, battering,

The wind still blew on,

Fierce, gusty and strong,

The wind still blew on,

Calm, quiet and peaceful,

The wind had stopped blowing,

Raging and howling,

So all was quiet and sunny.


Peas with Honey

I eat my peas with honey,

I’ve done it since I was one,

You may think it’s funny

But it’s actually really yummy,

I could eat it by the ton.…