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Man escorts mother onto train

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Forty something man escorts his aged mother onto the train and tells her not to get off at Newark Northgate as the train goes straight through to Kings Cross. She mutters disapproval and says “Oh God” whilst shaking her head.

A couple of minutes later she is heard to ask someone on the train whether this train goes straight through to kings Cross. Now she is asking a member of staff. The son escorting her on the train was clearly right to tell her – normally you have to change at Newark.

Made me smile.


Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

Off to Boston this morning to deliver some musicians to a midday rehearsal. Doing the “taking there” bit avoids the duty of bringing them back at around 10pm tonight. It’s not a bad drive back from Boston at that time of night but there are other things one could be doing.

For example I could be wallpapering the landing. I won’t be wallpapering the landing because it has only just been done by Anne and I wouldn’t be very popular if I did it again. If nothing else it would make the landing smaller. Anyway she would do a better job than me – better left to the experts I say.

The wallpapering bit was a random alternative job plucked out of thin air and deposited carelessly on the page in a take it if you will fashion. It isn’t the type of notion spent hours in careful crafting. Nor was it the output of an outrageously fertile imagination, a lively choice plucked dancing from the spotlit crowd neath life’s rotating mirror. It was in part the only choice. A selection of one proffered by a dullness of mind dampened by a late night Friday/Saturday morning.


The Sunday Chill

Sunday, November 17th, 2013

I’ve just sat down with a cup of tea after making a beef stew for tonight’s meal. I make a good beef stew. It sits in the oven on a low heat for most of the day and the result is a rich sauce and tender meat. The kids wolf it down. Quite pleasing. This one has a bottle of Timothy Taylors Landlord in it. Should be good.

The Davies house is at peace. One son is cooking sausages for his breakfast in the kitchen. Another has I think been doing some schoolwork. Good lad. Takes after his mother.

It’s quite nice to sometimes not do anything on a Sunday. Total relaxation. You have to get the balance of online and offline relaxation to do it right. Can’t spend all day stuck in a laptop. That would be just like an ordinary working day.

Last week was busy. Next week is going to be busy. Today is a day for chillin. Before we head out I’m going to clean out the fireplace and set it ready for this afternoon. Nothing quite like a cozy log fire on a Sunday afternoon. Yesterday I bought some crumpets. Say no more…