The kitchen

A sirloin steak, rare, 2 minutes on the first side and 1 minute on the second, coated in crushed black pepper.

A simple salad , lettuce, vine tomatoes and spring onions with olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar dressing.

Caramelised …

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My Lovely Mum

My Lovely Mum,
Your food is scrum,
Your huncles are warm,
You do the housework as quick as a storm,
You buy me presents,
But don’t shoot pheasants.

From John. firstpharmacyuk


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Picture by Dex

Dex owns the Art Gallery at the corner of Occupation Road and Burton Road. This is one of his pictures.  You can catch him on www.tapenoise,com

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Real Ales

Abbot                              (5.0%)               £3.00

Bass                                  (4.4%)               £2.85

Bombardier                  (4.3%)               £2.85

Deuchars                       (3.8%)               £2.70

Ruddles                         (3.7%)               £2.45

Taylor’s Best               (3.5%)                £2.50

The Morning Star real ale tariff.

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Guest Beers Today

Batemans GHA                                (4.2%)      £2.85

Dixons Diabolical                          (4.4%)      £2.95

Grafton Lady Catherine              (4.5%)      £2.95

Adnams “The Bitter”                    (3.7%)     £2.85

Spire Brewery Overture             (3.9%)      £2.85

Watch out for Irish beers next week for St Patrick’s Day!

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The Football Match


The game kicks off
I’m playing in defence
they have the ball and
they come running at me
I hear their supporters shouting and
my coach shouting at me and
I safely make a tackle and
I smack

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Yesterday was St David’s day

Yesterday was St David’s day. It has no real significance outside of Wales other than, as a Welshman, I know it is synonymous with daffodils. This year has been different because of the dearth of these yellow blooms on view. …

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Life is short

“Sometimes you just got to eat desert first.”

Jeff Pulver, 28/1/09 though it may well not be original.

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I’m just going home to do some painting so that I can watch the paint dry. It is more interesting than the England v Italy 6 Nations Rugby International I have been watching!

Thanks to Huw for this idea.

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The Cuddle

A couple float horizontally in mid air. His right arm is around her shoulders, holding her close. Her right leg is over his and her right arm is spread over his chest. A state of bliss.

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Co-operative Funeralcare

Just watching the bowls on the telly before the Wales v Australia rugby match and note that the tournament is sponsored by Cooperative Funeralcare. Brilliantly blatant.

It’s basically telling its Saga membership viewers that they think there is a good …

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They are all in there watching the TV!

What do you do when yours is a lone voice in the wilderness?  When the rest of the family is in the other room watching the TV. When the kitchen seems a lonely place!

It’s a bit of an oasis, …

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