in the rain

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cheese and onion crisps

Krakow style

tasted just like Smiths crisps

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Two white horses in a field of green
What is the nature of their conversation
Nice bit of grass this morning
I like the way it is more refreshing with the dew on it
Stop whinnying
Who’s …

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Trefor Davies

self portrait

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Three’s a crowd

time of year

Getting cold out. Warm coat time. Quite nice though. Wrap up well. Hat, gloves scarf. Stout walking shoes.Thick socks maybe. Roaring log fire. Butter drenched crumpets. Sunday roast dinner. Nights close in. Brandy inner glow. Cuddles on

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useful art

This piece shows the fusion of a number of different art forms and is quintessentially philosopherontap. Constructed from an original loose pile of bricks bound with a traditional sand and cement mix the wall represents a society that …

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The rogue branch

not long for this world

No more than a twig really but it is reaching out of the hedge in an attempt to steal the light from its neighbours. A forlorn effort. It will be cut off before ever reaching

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The loaded gun


Oo a loaded gun. I expect if I point it at my foot and pull the trigger it will shoot off my foot. Bang.

Happiness is a warm gun…


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The TV is switched off

my thoughts are once again my own

Some say that the best kind of TV is one that is switched off. There comes a point where you have to resign yourself that there isn’t anything worth watching and rather than

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Yum yum – really good recipe

lamb and chorizo burger

Mix a pound of minced lamb with a wodge of chopped chorizo. Add a couple of chopped red chillies, a hunk of coriander, salt and pepper and mix thoroughly. Split into four burgers and hand shape. …

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jobslist completed

This is only a temporary state of affairs. I have to celebrate quickly. The state of having a completed jobslist is ephemeral. It is actually a highly unstable state. One liable to self destruct randomly in accordance with …

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A tale of two worlds

All is well with the world

Classic FM on the wireless set on a Sunday morning. A sausage slow cooking on top of the stove. Tea brewing in the pot. High speed internet. All is well with this world.


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broken wall

once proud wall

now a fraction of it’s former self

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The Chainsaw

shut your eyes and listen

I can hear it. It is in a back garden three doors up the road. No idea what it is doing. Just the ebb and flow of its loud noise cutting through wood. Low heavy …

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