Mr Blue Sky

I had to upload this photo as a contrast with the shot from the summit of Snowdon last weekend. It was, as may be seen, taken in London under clear blue skies. It is a fairly rare sight in the …

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A Pokemon in the wild…

Back in July 2007 I went on holidays to Japan. Highly recommended by the way.

Walking around Tokyo I spotted this chap, stood patiently waiting for someone.

What got me about him was the fact that despite being quite obviously …

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Art and the boy from The North

Hello, my name’s Rob Wilmot. Over several brandies, Tref persuaded me to take on the role of Art Correspondent on his blog, Philosopherontap. He and I are a bit alike, as we’ve both made our careers as technologists …

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Train at the High Street level crossing in Lincoln pulling in to Central Station

Train at the High Street level crossing in Lincoln pulling in to Central Station. One day they will build a tunnel and we will no longer see the level crossing in action. When that day comes the passing of the …

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The perfect bacon sandwich

bacon sandwich – food of the gods

Food seems to be a theme of the moment. This time we are featuring the humble bacon sandwich.  I say humble but really the bacon sandwich is royalty in the culinary world on …

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The banana death roll

Rare photograph of bananas just before death. The sight was too gruesome for video – the screams raise the hairs on the back of the neck.

This is not an instant death. The bananas suffer terribly as the black death …

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A study in toast and marmalade

Toast and marmalade made in the kitchen.

This is the same kitchen used by the artist for his still life studies as characterised by “Painted chair in early morning light” in which you can see the black marble …

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The many headed hydra of Covent Garden

Visitors should take care when exploring the side alleys in the centre of our capital city for there lurk scary beasts and ghastly ghouls that at the merest glance will turn your hair white and wipe your memory clean with …

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Painted chair in early morning light

Chair in period cream painted by the artist’s wife using a pot of paint randomly acquired by the children some years ago. The tin of paint was in a cardboard box outside someone’s house and labelled “free to a good …

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juice-shot by KLM

Ration pack issued by KLM in case the plane has to make a forced landing in the North Sea en route from Humberside Airport to Amsterdam. There are a number of scenarios when this happens.

Scenario #1

Plane lands in …

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Sign of the times

speaks for itself. sign of the times – a bus stop in Hamburg.

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Empty orange glass on a light wood laminated background

An empty glass that previously contained orange juice on a light wood background taken by the artist whilst waiting for a plane at Hamburg airport.

Lighting was not ideal for photography and it may be seen that there is a …

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Get yer meat ere. C’mon darlin yev nevver seen such a good deal. Feed the family fer a week. Larvley bit o steak. Pork chops, you can cook em with a bit of apple sauce. Shove in a bit o …

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Vots goin on ere zen?

Elo elo young feller me lad. Vot’s goin on ere zen? Vere did you get zat expensif looking jacket from? You dont vont to be vanderin around zees place ven you could be home votchin the teevee. Ze Hahmburg versus …

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