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The long slow death of an elderly elephant

In collaboration with the Funkypancake studios.


The modern urban mundanist

The modern urban mundanist,
Would not go and chop off his ear,
In the manner of Gauguin the artist,
He would find it much harder to hear.

Though an ear to the ground can be handy,
When attempting to snap the mundane,
For without it the risk is that sadly,
All your photos would look quite the same.

@funkypancake: the modern urban mundanist


The flight of the funkypancake

An idea tossed into the air
Gathered momentum,
With spring spurred action,

Test flight looked good,
Filling on form,
Inspection passed,

Bright eyed and open mouthed
The family assembled,
All systems go,

Out of the frying pan
Into the heat
Of the Antipodean summer.

For my funkypancake friend and his family who will know what this is all about.