One hour in the life of Trefor Davies

I’m back on my regular settee in the cafe at Thorpe Golf Club whilst the kids have golf lessons. They do a pot of tea for £1.50 which lasts most of the hour of the golf lesson. I’m wearing a …

pictures of tref

this is a picture of tref

Early morning at the petrol station

It’s the beginning of a hot day in Lincoln and after dropping John off at school I take the car to fill up with petrol. The smell of the petrol and the whirring of the pumps says to me that …

the excitement of the trip

I’m pretty much all packed. A few toiletries to sort out in the morning. Passport retrieved from hibernation and fresh ironed clothes tidily, for now, tucked into the bag. Tonight is my last proper night of sleep. Tomorrow I will …

the lake in summer

bright primary colours float across the surface,
small boats under an endless blue sky,
the water, shimmering
as the hottest day of the year
drives me into the pleasant shade above the lake.

blackhead gulls find energy,
absorbed from the …