the post

with no name

Lying in bed listening to the Sunday service on the wireless. Not really listening. It’s just on. I woke up

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unwistful retrospective

tax discs

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featuring death


dead on the floor, unwanted nuisance, brushed aside,

shrivelled up shadows of their former selves,

serve little purpose other than fertiliser,

impotent and no longer productive,

degenerate, rotting, eaten by disease,

forgotten by spring…

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start to the day

Actually got up and made a pot of tea this morning just for myself. Anne is in Birkenhead at cousin Janette’s. Today is Sarah’s “centre’s” Christmas Fair. Meanwhile it’s just me and John again. Don’t normally

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enjoy every day:)

Early morning and dark and I am still somewhat stiff after yesterday’s walk. Anne is off to the Wirral this morning leaving John and i to fend for ourselves again. How will we cope? I shall make

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whisky bottle full

whisky bottle empty

Whisky glass, once full now almost empty, sits there in front of me on the kitchen table. There is no music. Only my thoughts. Thoughts of nothing in particular. No memories. Only a sense of being. Warmth.

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self portrait

selfie who?

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autumn in

Waterside South

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painstakingly hand coloured

Took months to paint this picture. It all began back in Spring when the first buds appeared. Soon the whole wall was covered in a bright green blanket of leafs. As the season wore on their colour …

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this horse is dead

How many people do you know take a bath at 2.30pm on a Thursday? I know one. Me. A nice so hot it’s just about bearable bath with bubbles, jazz and a cursory attempt to read

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Harris Tweed

keeps you warm in winter

A bleary Wednesday morning and the train is trundling through dull waterlogged November fields. I was initially going to use the word hurtling instead of trundling but that’s not what it feels like.  A steady

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If I said to you mobile phone what would you say that was all about

mobile phone

communications device
instrument of surveillance
invader of personal privacy
money sink
Electronic lifestyle manager
My P.A
streamline life
Pocket computer
Tool and entertainment system.
Pocket PC
Emergency torch.
Reference guide for trees.
In fact a reference guide …

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Today I bought

some crumpet

Today I bought some crumpet, rhymes with trumpet
I like a bit of crumpet, me
Almost too hot to hold and dripping with butter
To be eaten quickly so you can move on to the next one.

Today …

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of mundanities

and the cost of a loaf of bread

Warwick beat East London in University Challenge last night fwiw. Anne is good at UC. I’m not particularly. Spent the evening watching BBC 4 stuff using the chromecast. Jeff Lynne’s ELO at

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Railway companies of the United Kingdom

not necessarily an exhaustive list

but pretty impressive nonetheless and in no particular order

Great Western Railway
London and North Eastern Railway
London, Midland and Scottish Railway
Southern Railway
Great Eastern Railway
Great Central Railway
Great Northern Railway
Great North …

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rain dances

noise thunders

The rain dances overhead as daylight moves out of sight to the West. Noise thunders. Dead leaves litter the garden. Wind rocks the branches of trees. I am inside, warm and glad.

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what can you do with a

partial keyboard


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rain on window

stays mainly in Lincoln

It’s horrible wet day out there. Opted to go to the gym this pm rather than a swim first thing. Healthy fruit and fibre for breakfast. Working on a quote on behalf of Netaxis and also

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tea for two


Another 5.30 am start. Sat here in the TV room doing a bit of work on JoeFest. Had a glass of wine at the Southwells when I went to pick up Anne, Erica and John last night. Then got

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output gastronomic

Up I am and dressed, two vests for winter,
Heating engaged, the house feels warm.

The gentlest of Saturdays, a visit to Waitrose
Leeks, carrots, lamb, tomorrow a prospect.

Creative juice transformed, output gastronomic,
Post indulgent slumber on sofa.

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